Growth Mindset Pictures, 2nd grade art lesson

I asked students to create a picture that represents a "growth mindset" brain.

After discussing growth mindset with my students for quite awhile, I asked them to think about a picture that they would use to represent a“growth mindset”.  They made some sketches, then painted their pictures on paper plates.  I think using paint as a medium made it kind of difficult to add the detail that was in their original sketches, so when I do this again I would have them use pencil first to draw their design, then use markers to add color. (a good example of growth mindset: I learned from my mistake!) There were a lot of pictures of brains doing something to get stronger, like lifting weights, and one of a brain with wings.

I uploaded an example of student work, a strong looking brain with a lightbulb.

-lesson by Isabelle

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