Mindset Works blog post: Mistakes Are Not All Created Equal

A great blog post from Mindset Works on the most useful types of mistakes and how to best learn from them.


Mistakes are a normal and valuable part of the learning process. However, there are many different types of mistakes, and some are more useful than others. This blog post from Mindset Works highlights different types of mistakes we make, which mistakes that are the most useful, and how to best learn from our mistakes. 


[January 10th, 2015]. Mistakes Are Not All Created Equal. Written by Eduardo BriceƱo on the Mindset Works blog.

"Mistakes are not all created equal, and they are not always desirable. In addition, learning from mistakes is not all automatic. In order to learn from them the most we need to reflect on our errors and extract lessons from them. If we're more precise in our own understanding of mistakes and in our communication with students, it will increase their understanding, buy-in, and efficacy as learners."

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