Activity: Considering Belonging in Your Classroom

Reflect-and-Write: What does belonging look like in my classroom?

Please consider these two questions and write your response in the text box below. You can also download this activity as a Word Doc below and enter your reflection there.

  1. Think about the students in your class. Is there a student you can think of who might have belonging concerns? How might those concerns affect that student? Write 2-3 sentences from that student’s perspective.
  2. As you think about belonging, what questions and concerns come up for you?
Self-check: Everyone, including the creators of this course, faces a point in this work where they realize that they may hold stereotypes and biases that affect their behavior. When you are faced with confronting your own stereotypes and biases, remember that all of us go through this process, that you’re doing this for the sake of growth, and that deciding to learn and change something is a special, adaptive mindset you’ve chosen. Reaching out can be hard, but expanding your views is worth the effort.
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[Word Doc] Belonging Activities: Topic 2, About Belonging

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