5-session professional learning series


This 5-session professional learning cycle supports learning communities in cultivating their skills for implementing growth mindset practices. Each session is one hour long and covers one topic from our Growth Mindset topics, plus a recap. Space the sessions apart in whatever way fits your team's schedule. You may also want to extend beyond the 5 sessions by adding additional activities or topics. You can find suggestions for other professional development activities in the Resource Library.

Most sessions suggest teams read and/or watch the videos in that session’s topic together. However, learning teams may decide to go through the topic before meeting to allow more time for activities and discussion during each session. If you go through the session together, it is recommended that all participants bring a laptop computer or that you arrange to project the content onto a screen so viewing is easy for the entire group.

Session 1: About a Growth Mindset

This session describes what will be covered in the 5 sessions, the overall learning objectives, and the expectations for participants to help co-create an atmosphere of support and collaboration. During the final 30 minutes, you will go through the About Growth Mindset topic and have a group discussion to explore reactions and how the ideas presented relate to each participant's practice.


Session 1: About a Growth Mindset (PDF)

Session 2: Teaching a Growth Mindset

In this session, your team will review and discuss the curriculum for teaching a growth mindset, create a plan for modifying (if needed) and implementing the curriculum, and create a plan for giving and receiving feedback through peer observations.


Session 2: Teaching a Growth Mindset (PDF)

Session 3: Praise the Process, Not the Person

In this session, your team will learn about the kind of praise that promotes a growth mindset, see it in action, and have opportunities to practice responding to scenarios.


Session 3: Praise the Process, Not the Person (PDF)

Session 4: Celebrate Mistakes

In this session, you and your team will explore your own attitudes towards making mistakes, learn how to normalize mistakes from Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler, watch teachers use this practice in action, and explore activity ideas to try in your classroom.


Session 4: Celebrate Mistakes (PDF)

Session 5: Recap and Review

In this final session, your team will have an opportunity to review the material covered in the previous four sessions, discuss what was most helpful and what was most challenging, and explore next steps.


Session 5: Recap and Review (PDF)
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