Additional Resources for Mentors

Mentor Specific Resources

  • Seven Common Growth Mindset Scenarios and Responses. This handout provides seven common scenarios that mentors might encounter when supporting a student around academics. It provides examples of responses that can promote a growth mindset and reframe negative thinking.
  • Strategy Box. This simple exercise can help youth identify strategies that have worked for them in the past that they can apply to new problems and challenges. Can be helpful when youth feel "stuck" or lacking in ability.
  • Relationship Strategy Box. A strategy box is a simple tool that helps youth apply strategies and actions that have led to previous success to new challenges and problems. This version actually helps mentors reflect on how to build stronger mentoring relationships.
  • Handout – How To Be a Great Mentor. This handout is a supplement to the Mentor Toolkit and reviews some of the core elements of being the type of mentor that can best deliver messages around mindsets.

General Resources

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