Activity: Practicing process praise

Below are some statements you might use when speaking to your child. Choose 'yes' for the ones that convey a growth mindset.

"It looks like that was too easy. Let's give you something a bit more challenging." Correct! This indicates that learning and being challenged is more important than getting the right answer quickly. Try again
"That isn't the right answer. You don't understand it yet." Correct! "Yet" indicates your child will succeed if they keep working. Try again
"You are so smart." Try again - Calling a child "smart" indicates intrinsic ability rather than growth through effort. Correct! This sends the message that innate "smartness" is what leads to success, rather than effort and growth.
"I know it was hard, but look how your effort paid off." Correct! This specifies that your child’s efforts led to success. Try again
"You’re really talented in math- you should definitely focus on it next year." Try again - Singling out a strength in one realm may discourage their growth in other classes and reduce their perseverance. Correct! This emphasizes the importance of talent rather than learning and growth.
"She’ll get it. She’s working on it and making progress." Correct! This acknowledges that the child is able to succeed, and just needs more time to do so. Try again
"You did so well! Keep working hard and you will do great again next year." Correct! This says that continued effort will lead to continued success. Try again
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