Reflect on your own beliefs

Think about the following statements and how much you agree with each.

"You can learn new things, but you can't really change your basic intelligence."

"Your intelligence is something about you that you can't change very much."

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Your Mindset:


People who strongly agree with these statements have a fixed mindset. People who strongly disagree with these statements have a growth mindset. And of course people might be somewhere in the middle. Most importantly, people's mindsets can and do change.

When people spend time thinking about their own mindset, most can recognize aspects of both growth mindset and fixed mindset in their own thinking. Sometimes, we might have a fixed mindset about some abilities - like math or art - but a growth mindset about others. The first step to fostering a growth mindset in your child is to be mindful of your own thinking and of the messages you send with your words and actions.

Learn more about this by watching the video: "What is a Growth mindset?"

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