Growth Mindset - Exercising Your Mind

Students will answer opinion questions that will segue into a Growth Mindset article. Then, students will be able to create a poster that has a quote, analysis, and a symbol of the growth mindset.

Objective: students will be able to analyze the idea of a growth mindset.

Start out with a warm-up question such as:

"What do you think a growth mindset is?"

After, have students take out a blank sheet of paper. Tell students that they have five questions to answer. Students are to write down their thoughts honestly, and students will get randomly called on to share their thoughts about their answers.

Some of the questions you can ask are:

1. Do you believe that some people are just "math" people while others are just "science" people? Why or why not?
2. Do you think that some people are just naturally smart while others have to try harder?
3. What is the difference between talent and effort?
4. Do you think those who put in enough effort will exceed someone who was just "born with talent" ?
5. Why is education so important?

Present each question individually while allowing students to have two minutes to write down their thoughts. After the two minutes, have some students express their opinions, and then ask for volunteers.

After that, present the article, "You Can Grow Your Intelligence". Have students read it with the class - annotating the text as they go along.

After students have completely finished the article. Group the students in groups of 3. Students will be given butcher paper in order to express three things:

1. Write their definition of the growth mindset.

2. Find two quotes and analyze the quote in their own words that support the growth mindset.

3. Draw an image of the growth mindset.

Then have students present in groups.

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